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From July 19th, legal restrictions on table sizes have been completely relaxed, allowing any size of table or party.
(Please remember that children in highchairs must count as one person as they will still require a space at your table)


To book your table with us , please complete the Online Booking Form below or call our friendly team on 01623 747777 (Please remember that children in highchairs must count as one person as they will still require a space at your table)


After pressing Continue, simply select the number of diners (max 6 persons per table),


Select the date of your visit, (next)
Select the desired seating time, (next)
then follow the payment instructions.
You will receive an email confirmation.


For tables of 7 or more please call The Devonshire directly on 01623 747 777


We look forward to seeing you soon...







Our Plan...


Our priority is unchanged, we must keep our staff, our customers AND our business SAFE – being as safe from covid as possible means safe from closure… especially when we are clearly in a ‘third wave of Covid’ here in the UK. Without our business, we have no lovely staff and no loyal customers.


So at this time, we’re going with our ‘gut and hearts’ sincerely hoping you understand and that you’ll play your part too.


We ARE reducing legal ‘Restrictions’ but we ARE retaining our own ‘Safety Measures’ – these measures are companywide for all of our food venues and will be reviewed on a fortnightly basis – these reviews will be based upon local infection rates, self-isolation updates, NHS Track and Trace updates and of course, staff and customer feedback.


1) We strongly recommend that all tables be pre-booked, so you know that we’ll have a table specially for you. Should any customers arrive without a reservation, we will seat you if we can, however, we cannot guarantee availability.


2) All restaurant reservations prior to 9pm will be allocated our usual 2 hour table time – reservations after 9pm may remain at the table for drinks until closing time. For restaurant reservations (max 6 persons per table), a £5 deposit will be required per person upon booking. Please note – for family reservations, all children must respect social distancing. (Please remember that children in highchairs must count as one person as they will still require a space at your table)


3) You may book an outside table only, however, should the weather deteriorate, we may not be able to offer you a table inside - we will do our best, but we cannot guarantee it. If you have booked a table in the restaurant and decide you’d like to dine & drink outside and relinquish your table inside, we’ll do our best to accommodate you, however, please be aware we may be unable to re-seat you inside should the weather deteriorate.


4) Face coverings – all of our staff will continue to wear face coverings, however for customers – it’s a personal choice – whatever feels right for you!


5) Every member of our team has agreed to continue to do daily lateral flow testing before every shift, they will complete and sign a daily health assessment questionnaire to confirm that they are fit to work, this will include a temperature check before their shift commences. Where our team cannot work within social distancing, we have done everything practical to manage transmission risk. We have completed a full risk assessment on each of our venues, including deliveries to protect both our teams and suppliers. This assessment has been shared with our team.


6) Hand sanitizing stations remain available– we encourage customers to sanitize their hands upon arrival and during their visit too.


7) Our sanitizer bottles placed upon tables for customer use will continue for diners only – and for drinkers who request one.


8) All cutlery, wine glasses and sanitized condiment bottles will be brought to your table by your server.


9) All meals and drinks will continue to be served via table service only in all areas, including outside. There will be no service at the bar.


10) We will provide our usual, friendly and efficient service as we do now – yet our team will do their best to minimise visits to your table. Our Menus will continue to be ‘single use’ and a member of our team will take your order when you are seated at your table.


11) Customers will be again allowed to ‘mingle’ between tables and chat to friends as you pass through the venue from the 19th, however, to help us out, please order your drinks from your designated table –and no, you do not have to be seated to order!


12) Restrictions on table sizes will be completely relaxed from 19th July.


13) We will no longer require customers to ‘Track & trace’, however we will have the ‘check in’ QR posters still available for anyone that wishes to do so.


14) Safety screening at ‘Meet & Seat’ stations will remain in place to protect our team.


15) Our toilets will be continue to be meticulously cleaned every hour by our washroom attendants


16) We will continue to offer our amazing ‘takeaways’ whenever we can, however our restaurant customers will be given priority.


17) All tables removed for social distancing will be put back in situ – however, at times some of these tables will not be available for customer use.


18) We may adapt our procedures as Government Guidance allows, failure to observe safety measures and respecting the social distancing requests of other guests will result in service not being provided and customers will be kindly asked to leave.


19) If any customers planning to visit are feeling unwell or showing symptoms of Covid-19, please protect yourself, your family, our NHS and our team by staying at home.


So, there you have it – for the short term, this is our plan – a plan we believe in


We understand our plan might not be for everyone right now, and if that’s the case, then we kindly ask that you graciously give us a little more time to allow us to return to ‘normal normal’ – it will come, and it’s something that we all desperately crave, but for us – it’s just not right now.


With the measures we’re temporarily introducing from the 19th July, we’re desperately hoping the chances of us all remaining safer (whilst protecting our staff and business) are dramatically increased - as opposed to ‘opening straight back up as normal’ and the chances of us having to close again fly through the roof!


Thank you as always everyone for your continued support … we really are so grateful


We can’t wait to see you!